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Protests, Fairs, Festivals, Street Dances, Beer Gardens, Weddings, Concerts​, Conferences, Trade shows, Conferences, Workshops, Reunions, Parties, Galas

Never too late to protect your investments

Ensuring that your next event goes off without any problems can be a daunting task. Bulwark Protection Services, LLC is here to help from start to finish. We work closely with your event coordinator, law enforcement, and talent manager to ensure that every security aspect is covered and all your concerns are addressed before, during, and after the event.




Construction sites, warehouses, factories, vast open areas, or remote locations pose a specific challenge for security. Bulwark Protection Services, LLC is able to handle all aspects of security or your facility. 

Large facilities are highly vulnerable areas due to the large volume of visitors, workers and contractors passing thought, extensive stock and expensive equipment and tools lying around. Bulwark Protection Services, LLC offers many different approaches to secure your facility including  CCTV, uniformed security officer, metal detectors, and validation of all personnel.


Bulwark Protection Services, LLC will provide your facility with qualified and trained security officers equipped with the latest technology to ensure that your facility is secure. With the use of CCTV viewing via handheld devices our officers are not limited to a desk. Officers can physically check your facility while still monitoring every corner from there phones. 


  • Identification and search process of visitors

  • Implementing and monitoring of CCTV

  • Monitoring of your access points

  • Alarmed Response

  • Mobile Patrols

  • Implementing of security fencing

  • Ensuring the safety of goods and inventory

  • Supervision of vehicles on your premise 

  • Delivery handling

  • Prevention of intruders

  • Regular foot and mobile patrols

  • Thorough reporting of suspicious incidents

  • Appropriately uniformed guards

  • Carry out vehicle and personnel searches

  • Maintain logbooks and registers

Mobile Security Patrol & Parking Enforcement

Are you looking for a cost-effective security solution to a static security officer? Do you require doors to be locked and unlocked at specific times or alarms, equipment and gauges checked periodically then Bulwark Protection Services has the solution for you


A mobile security patrol is a highly visible patrol vehicle with a uniformed security officer making random and/or schedule patrols on your property nightly. Each location is fully customized from checking doors, alarms, and equipment to enforcing parking regulations or just patrolling the property to deter crime.

Patrols include

  • Checks on doors and windows

  • Reporting of incidents

  • Liaison with key holders and emergency services

  • Internal patrol

  • Locking/unlocking of premises

  • Response to alarm activations

  • Enforcing parking regulations

  • Towing or booting unwanted vehicles



Using the latest technology we ensure that every patron entering your facility is of age and accounted by scanning every ID to ensure its real before ensuring its matches patron.

While doing this we are also collecting data that can help you learn about your event and plan for future events. Age, sex, zip code and time of entry are captured to give you a summary of your target market and peak hours. 


Don't wait until after a problem to think about raising your security. With the use of Metal Detectors, most problems can be prevented. Metal detectors add a feeling of safety and security for staff, patients, and visitors while working as a deterrent. Metal detectors require little upkeep and maintenance and are often time provided free of charge with contracted officers 

Support Officers

Support Officers work in conjunction with security officers to display a high level of security for your event. Support officers are ticket takers, ushers, parking attendants, and guest services.

All personnel from crowd control, guest services, and parking are all connected and informed in the ever-changing environment at your events.  Having one company handle all fascists of your event gives greater awareness of the event and easier response.

To learn more contact

Tim Schaefer 

CEO/Director of Operations

(402) 316-2290

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