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Ideal for Construction sites, Retail complexes, Private communities, Corporate offices, WarehousesSchoolsParksOpen spaces

Mobile Security Patrol & Parking Enforcement

Are you looking for a cost-effective security solution to a static security officer? Do you require doors to be locked and unlocked at specific times or alarms, equipment and gauges checked periodically then Bulwark Protection Services has the solution for you


A mobile security patrol is a highly visible patrol vehicle with a uniformed security officer making random and/or schedule patrols on your property nightly. Each location is fully customized from checking doors, alarms, and equipment to enforcing parking regulations or just patrolling the property to deter crime.

Patrols include

  • Checks on doors and windows

  • Reporting of incidents

  • Liaison with key holders and emergency services

  • Internal patrol

  • Locking/unlocking of premises

  • Response to alarm activations

  • Enforcing parking regulations

  • Towing or booting unwanted vehicles

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