Mobile Security Patrol & Parking Enforcement

Are you looking for a cost-effective security solution to static security officer? Do you require doors to be locked and unlocked at specific times or Alarms, equipment and gauges checked periodically then Bulwark Protection services has the solution for you


A mobile security patrol is a highly visible patrol vehicle with a uniformed security officer making random and/or schedule patrols on your property nightly. Each location is fully customized from checking doors, alarms, and equipment to enforcing parking regulations or just patrolling the property to deter crime.


Offering full-service parking enforcement we take care of the hard work so u don't have to. From registering vehicles to warning citing and towing violaters. Bulwark Protection Services, LLC is your one stop for all your needs

Patrols include

  • Checks on doors and windows

  • Reporting of incidents

  • Liaison with key holders and emergency services

  • Internal patrol

  • Locking/unlocking of premises

  • Response to alarm activations

  • Enforcing parking regulations

  • Towing or booting unwanted vehicles

Ideal for 

  • Construction sites

  • Retail complexes

  • Private communities 

  • Corporate offices

  • Warehouses

  • Schools

  • Parks

  • Open spaces

 Why Mobile Security Patrol is Better than a Static Officer 


Working one location for the whole shift can cause officer fatigue and lead to officer sleeping on duty.  With Mobile Security Patrol officers are constantly moving around your property and other property not allowing downtime to fall asleep

Faster Response

Already being in a vehicle an officer is able to respond to a situation faster. Although officers may not be on the site when called they are able to respond in a few minutes and with a greater presence than an officer on foot.

Active Patrol

Static officers often find a place to site and watch the property whether it be a guard booth or a spot in the parking lot to park.  Mobile Security Patrols are always moving and are more aware of changes that a stationary officer might not be aware of. 

Friendly vs Friendship

Spending multiple hours a shift on a site will likely to making "friends" While our officers are friendly to everyone they meet making friends on a client's location can lead to judgment inconsistency.  Officers spend enough time on the site to make themselves aware of the area and who should and should not be there while maintaining a professional relationship with everyone on site​

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Mobile patrol vehicles carry an array of equipment to help complete their job. While this equipment is great in itself officers are trained on all the equipment to ensure that they can use it in an emergency situation to help save lives and property. ​

Down Time

Mobile Security Patrol is constantly moving on your property and between property thus eliminating downtime.  Which can lead to  watching movies or playing games to pass time.


Driving a highly visible patrol vehicle with patrol lights, our uniformed officers are seen by everyone when patrolling your property. 


Compared to a static security officer, mobile security patrol is a fraction of the price. Each location is customized to ensure that the patrol fits into your budget. ​


Technology makes it easier to be accountable.  With the use of our officer tour tracking software, we are able to ensure that each patrol is getting done correctly and officers are checking the appropriate areas needed

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