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Security Guard walking perimiter


Construction sites, Warehouses, Factories, vast open areas or remote locations pose a specific challenge for security. Bulwark Protection Services, LLC is able to handle all aspects of security or your facility. 


Large Facilities are highly vulnerable areas due to the large volume of visitors, workers and contractors passing thought, extensive stock, and expensive equipment and tools laying around. Bulwark Protection Services, LLC offers many different approaches to secure your facility including  CCTV, Uniformed Security officer, Metal Detectors, and validation of all personnel.


Bulwark Protection Services, LLC will provide your facility with  qualified and trained security officers equipped with the latest technology to ensure that your facility is secure. With the use of CCTV viewing via handheld device our officers are not limited to a desk. Officers can physically check your facility while still monitoring every corner from there phones. 


  • Identification and search process of visitors

  • Implementing and monitoring of CCTV

  • Monitoring of your access points

  • Alarmed Response

  • Mobile Patrols

  • Implementing of security fencing

  • Ensuring safety of goods and inventory

  • Supervision of vehicles on your premise 

  • Delivery handling

  • Prevention of intruders

  • Regular foot and mobile patrols

  • Thorough reporting of suspicious incidents

  • Appropriately uniformed guards

  • Carry out vehicle and personnel searches

  • Maintain log books and registers

Facility Protection
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