Event ATM Placement

On average sales increase by 20% with an ATM

ATM users spend 23% more than non-ATM users

Local Events - Fairs - Festivals - Private Parties

Bulwark ATM manages all aspects and logistics so you and your guests can enjoy the benefits of on-site cash availability without the cost, hassle or liability.


Bulwark ATM is set-up to service any size event. There is never a service Fee and Profit sharing is available for most events.  



  • Adequate ATM to cover the event

  • Signage

  • Cash vaulting so machines stay stocked

  • Technicians

  • Mobile Monitoring

  • Wireless Connectivity and Power i(f needed for remote locations) 

  • Turn-key experience (set-up to break down)

  • Profit Sharing


Note, profit sharing is based on transaction count and desired surcharge fee.  Typically, the event host can expect to make at least $0.25 per transaction based on the predetermined surcharge rate.  Please inquire for full details