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Using the latest technology we ensure that every patron entering your facility is of age and accounted by scanning every ID to ensure its real before ensuring its matches patron.

While doing this we are also collecting data that can help you learn about your event and plan for future events. Age, sex, zip code and time of entry are captured to give you a summary of your target market and peak hours. 

Ideal for

Beer Gardens

Night Clubs

Street Dance


Support Officers

Support Officers do more than just display a high level of security for your event they can also take tickets, usher, parking attendants, Guest Service staff all while maintaining safety and security for your event. 

All officers from crowd control to guest services to parking are all connected and informed in the ever changing environment and threats at your events.  Having one company handle all fascists of your event gives a greater awareness of the event and easier to respond to threats. 

Ideal for 


Sporting Events




Don't wait until after a problem to think about raising your security. With the use of Metal Detectors, most problems can be prevented. Metal detectors add a feeling of safety and security for staff, patients, and visitors while working as a deterrent. Metal detectors require little upkeep and maintenance and are often time provided free of charge with contracted officers 

Ideal for 



Office Buildings


Metal Detector
Support Officer
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